It all began with one dream - to create an indoor play destination that mirrored a kid's universe. So, we, the three industry experts, Jugal, Geetu, and Azim embarked on an adventure mission of creating a kid's unique world: we made a hugeee list, and fit it in Aladdin's lamp.

So, we rubbed the Aladdin's lamp, and there! The idea of Kidiverse was born! The Five mischievous alien Friends, VERSE landed on Earth to accompany us in creating Kidiverse. This new land became a destination with a Fantastic kidi-arcade section to channel kids' creative energies and a safe, contained, nurturing soft play area. Finally, VERSE added diverse activities For children to channel their creative energies.

A mama and papa-Friendly cafe with a 360* view of the play zone belongs in the heart of Kidiverse. The parents can unwind in the cafe-you pamper your child, we pamper you! For busy bee parents, the multifunctional caFe serves as a workstation. Worried about their safety while you work or relax? We have you covered, your child is under supervision at all times by our trained and Friendly staff. Parents can also throw surprise birthday parties

For their munchkins and make Fond memories!


  • We envision to create many indoor play destinations spread across geographies in India
  • With improved accessibility For parents
  • To ignite children's love For creative exploration is the very core of our brand


To create a delightful space by designing a stimulating and exhilarating zone For creative exploration, while being mindful of safety and hygiene. We will simplify the process For parents, hence, all the touchpoints will be user-Friendly and booking, seamless.


Founder and CEO

Jugal is an all-rounder, the CEO, the founder of Kidiverse. He brings to the table his noteworthy expertise in the indoor recreational center. Being an integral part of the marketing team while working with organizations like SMAAASH and Bounce India, he knows how to stir fun for children. Jugal is an industry expert; he is the go-to person for stimulating and exciting activities and toys for children.

He envisions creating a happy and exuberant space for children and parents alike. He wishes Kidiverse to be truly a world for children to play and channelise their creative energy. Kidiverse is the manifestation of his excellence and years of valuable experience in the industry.

To create a world that is an extension of a child’s imagination.



Co-founder of Kidiverse, Geetu is truly a pro at what she does.With 7+ years of experience as a Montessori teacher and being a Headteacher at Klay Pre-School, she brings her skills and knowledge to the table at Kidiverse.

Besides creating this surreal experience for children, Geetu also loves to be around them in creating art projects! She believes that through creative exploration a child blooms.

To contribute my knowledge of early childhood education and passion for art to create a holistic world where children thrive and push their cognitive boundaries.


Co-founder and Head of Operations

There is a secret element that brings Kidiverse its awe-inspiring edge. It lies in Azim’s meticulous approach to the way things function at Kidiverse. If creativity and expertise are on-board, follows is the methodical management! Azim brings with him the best of skills that are pivotal to shaping Kidiverse.

With an extensive career spanning 12 years in operations and hospitality and association with Bounce India and SMAAASH, Azim is precisely what Kidiverse needs. He is the one who is responsible for pointing out errors in the children’s toys with sharp edges, making the parents feel at ease while they eat in cafe, and making the process of playing at Kidiverse effortless!

To create a hassle-free and exuberant experience for parents and children visiting Kidiverse.


A gang of five aliens land on Earth. Van, Eevy, Rory, Sazza, & Enzo, are the mischievous little aliens on an adventurous mission of creating a universe for the junior citizens of the world. They demand endless playtime! So, they created a universe full of exciting toys to share with friends, immersive games, and activities where kids laugh, learn, and play. Van and Rory enjoy the bike and car racing games in the arcade, so they designed a Kidi-arcade in this universe. Sazza and Enzo, together jump, play, and explore. They love playing on the long, curvy, slides, and landing in the ball pool. While, Eevy loves spending her time drawing, colouring, and creating her imaginary world, so she makes wall art. The rumour has it that the Kidiverse aliens are looking to add more members to their gang and play with new naughty Earthian friends.

Would you be a part of this gang?